Almaden Chardonnay
Heritage Chardonnay

An excellent, dry white wine with apple and pear flavors. A crisp wine with a clean finish. Semi-dry and medium-bodied.

Almaden Pinot Grigio
Heritage Pinot Grigio

Crisp, refreshing and full-flavored. Aromas of tropical fruit and lemon zest lead to flavors of peach, pear and rich mineral notes with a clean finish.

Almaden Cabernet Sauvignon
Heritage Cabernet Sauvignon

A  satisfying dry red wine with cherry aromas and plum flavors. A  smooth, medium-bodied wine with a satisfying finish.

Almaden Heritage Merlot
Heritage Merlot

A  pleasing red wine with blackberry aromas and raspberry flavors. A soft and pleasant medium-bodied wine with a smooth finish.

Almaden Pinot Noir
Heritage Pinot Noir

Soft and elegant, bursting with fragrant fruit and spice character.

Almaden Moscato
Heritage Moscato

Delicate, yet full flavored. Fresh fruit flavors of guava and flavors of Bartlett pear are perfectly balanced with a refreshing acidity.

Almaden Heritage Malbec
Heritage Malbec

Earthy and robust with rich flavors of dark fruit.

Almaden Mountain White Zinfandel
Mountain White Zinfandel

A  refreshing crisp blush wine with delicate strawberry aromas and flavors. A very fresh, drinkable wine with a pleasing, easy finish.

Almaden Mountain Rhine
Mountain Rhine

A  fresh, crisp white wine served with floral aromas, semi-sweet flavors of apples and pineapple lead into a refreshing finish.

Almaden Mountain Chablis
Mountain Chablis

A  fresh white wine with light-medium body and wonderful citrus and pear flavors.

Almaden Mountain Burgundy
Mountain Burgundy

A robust, full bodied red wine with a distinctly fruity character.